About Seeeco

2016 is the birth year of Seeeco when two friends Bhargavraj and Vishal decided to take their passion and provide revolutionary web and mobile solutions to the world and fulfill their dream of becoming technopreneurs. They started with just 2 computer systems out of which one is borrowed in a small room. Today, Seeeco Brings finest technology to provide all kinds of IT Solutions. Seeeco is a place build by dreamers to make your Imagination come true!

Our Vision

We at Seeeco are all about bringing our client’s vision to reality. We use the latest technologies and trends to provide unique and cutting-edge IT Solutions. This keeps our clients ahead in the highly competitive and ever-changing market. Our vision makes us an unshakable establishment to be a pioneer in the IT business and cultivate a relationship of trust with our clients.

Team Managing Company

Great things in business are never done by one person

they’re done by a

Team of people

Bhargavraj Parmar

I lead my team of top developers and designers believing in bringing technology to solutions.

Vishal Chadotara

We offer expertise across the whole spectrum of web,app and game development for helping companies bring software to market and grow their businesses.

Why People love Seeeco?


We build digital experiences that people love!

For Those Who Know That Software Is Important

Every member of Seeeco believes that they are working for a cause, to build a great solution that will disrupt the market. We treat your business as our own and transform ideas into efficient digital solutions. You Need A Partner, Not Just A Developer enter.